Interaction Design

Fitera is an app focused on providing users with health benefiting workout routines tailored to a person's location and available time. My goal for this school project was to develop a health solution, and provide the proper interaction design and branding components to bring my product to life. Below you'll see my ideation process for Fitera's branding, as well as sitemaps, wireframes, user flows, and high-fidelity prototypes for various print and digital deliverables.

Try the Live Prototypes:
Mobile App (made with Marvel)
Landing Page Website (made with HTML/CSS/JQuery)
Interactive Display (made with Marvel)

Proposal Video
Fitera - Initial Logo Sketches

Initial Logo Sketches

Fitera - Initial Logo Variations

Initial Logo Variations

Fitera - Final Logo

Final Logo

Fitera - Target Audience Personas

Target Audience Personas

Promotional Card
Fitera - Postcard Sitemap

Promo Card Sitemap

Fitera - Postcard Wireframe

Promo Card Wireframe

Fitera - Postcard User Flow

Promo Card User Flow

Fitera - Final Postcard Variations

Final Promo Card Variations

Mobile App
Fitera - Mobile App Sitemap

Mobile App Sitemap

Fitera - Mobile App Wireframe

Mobile App Wireframe

Fitera - Mobile App User Flow

Mobile App User Flow

Fitera - Final Mobile App Screens

Final Mobile App Screens - Try the Live Prototype

Landing Page Website
Fitera - Landing Page Sitemap

Landing Page Sitemap

Fitera - Landing Page Wireframe

Landing Page Wireframe

Fitera - Landing Page User Flow

Landing Page User Flow

Fitera - Final Landing Page Website

Final Landing Page Website (HTML/CSS/JQuery) - Try the Live Prototype

Interactive Display
Fitera - Interactive Display Sitemap

Interactive Display Sitemap

Fitera - Interactive Display Wireframe

Interactive Display Wireframe

Fitera - Interactive Display User Flow

Interactive Display User Flow

Fitera - Final Interactive Display

Final Interactive Display - Try the Live Prototype