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Curious is an app that lets users learn something new everyday, and is backed by a learning engine that provides customized daily workouts for your brain. At Curious, I work as a freelance production designer and collaborate with the design, content, and marketing teams to create compelling social media ads and increase target audience awareness and conversion. Below you'll see a small collection of currently running assets I created for various social media outlets and marketing strategies.



  • Photoshop
  • Illustrator


  • Photo Editing
  • Typography
  • Compositing
  • Vector Illustration

Instagram Ads

Curious Instagram Ads

Facebook Ads

Curious Facebook Ads

Mobile Ads

Curious Mobile Ads

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Warren's Photo

Hi, I'm Warren!

I’m a visual and interaction designer originally from Los Angeles, but now living in the Bay Area. Growing up, I was always interested in art and illustration, but as I got older the concepts of digital media and technology also intrigued me. After several years of attempting a degree in Biomedical Engineering, I decided to follow my true passion and become a designer.

Since then, I’ve continually focused on finding clean and concise solutions for complex design problems, while pursuing a Web & New Media degree at the Academy of Art University in San Francisco. You could say I found the right balance bewteen art and technology because I enjoy learning about the latest design trends, as well as discovering ways to create meaningful interactive experiences.

Nowadays, you can find me either binge-watching the latest Netflix, Hulu, or Amazon Originals , walking my two lazy pugs , or looking for the next best travel destination .

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